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Cancellation Policy

We are a very new studio. As we grow, it is important to set these standards in place not only for our teachers, but for you as the student to be mindful of your schedule. To be intentional of when you are registering, and to make your classes a priority and a part of your routine. 

All classes must have 2 or more students pre-registered in order to run. We allow drop-ins,  however it is preferred to sign-up ahead of time to ensure class will not be cancelled.

In order to properly manage this, for our early morning classes (6am and 7am), we will assess the night before whether class will run based on who is signed in and cancel by 8pm, sending out an e-mail if only one person was signed in. For all other classes, we will asses one hour before class start time if class will run. We will send an e-mail if one person was signed in.  

Late Policy

Life happens! We get it!! We would rather have you come to class than not come. Our instructors will lock the back entrance door at the start of class time. If you are running 5-10 minutes late, we encourage you to come and enter around the front, leave your shoes at the door, and roll out your mat quietly. You are welcome to set your coat and other belongings near the cozy area in the back or just have them off to the side of your mat.
Your teacher will help get you ready. We also encourage that you not join in right way, but take a few deep breaths in child’s pose or your preferred position. This will allow you to calm your mind, heart, and body as perhaps it was stressful getting to your mat. Join in when you are ready.

Cancellation Fee

We get classes sometimes need to be cancelled. If you cancel your class later than one hour prior  to class, your account will be charged $7.00 .  This allows our teacher to still be compensated for her/his time, while encourages our students to be intentional in participating in our community.