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Heights Yoga Project
Space Rental Agreement and Expectations

Heights Yoga Project is a yoga and wellness studio committed to offering a community space that strives to improve your physical, spiritual, and mental health with a focus on inclusivity for all. We’re pleased to present the opportunity to rent our space to members of our community for their special events. 

When renting Heights Yoga Project for your special event; workshop; or training, we ask that our renters:

  1. Arrive in a timely fashion for your event and communicate to Kabrina Alcorn your time of arrival.
  2. Provide all equipment, decor, food, etc. required for your event. Tables/chairs may be available to rent for an additional fee; please inquire at time of booking.
  3. DO NOT use confetti/glitter in/on the premises!!!
  4. Return all furniture, etc. (if moved) back to its original location before you leave (hint: take a picture before moving items).
  5. Sweep (or vacuum) and mop the space when you are finished. We will provide the supplies for cleanup, and will show you where to find them. We’ve attached a cleaning list to your rental agreement–please review, and let us know if you have questions.
  6. Turn the heat down to 65 degrees after the event in the fall/winter; turn the AC to 72 in the summer.
  7. Make sure the back door and front door are locked before leaving, and leave the key underneath the back door mat.
  8. Agree to the cleaning fee as outlined below. You may pre-pay a cleaning fee if you prefer not to clean up after your event. Outright failure to clean up after the event will result in a charge equal to the cleaning fee as outlined below.
  9. May NOT hold Heights Yoga Project (or its parent company, The Humble Yogi, LLC) liable for any lost, damaged, or stolen property. Please remove all personal belongings at the end of your event. We will try to return any found items after your event; after two weeks, items may be donated or disposed of, as applicable.
  10. Use fire (candles, etc.) with UTMOST CAUTION. Please extinguish all flames before leaving the building.
  11. Pay a non-refundable deposit of half the cost of your agreed rent prior to booking. If another arrangement needs to be made, contact Kabrina Alcorn via phone/email (below).

Questions? Please contact Kabrina Alcorn:

Studio: 616.805.3195

Cell:      616.295.1799



Rental Fee for Weekdays: $50 per hour, minimum three-hour rental (includes set-up and tear-down). $150 cleaning unless renter cleans space per checklist (included)

Rental Fee for Weekends: $200 for first two hours, $75 for every hour after, minimum two-hour rental (includes set-up and tear-down). $175 cleaning fee unless renter cleans space per checklist (included)