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Inclusive community removes barriers and creates opportunities for wellness.

The purpose of Pass the HYPe is to remove the red tape that often comes with seeking financial assistance in our community. This is a crowdfunded class donation program that is designed for our community to take care of one another. The core of our mission is to build community that is open and generous. This is an expression of who we want to be as a community and a wellness center.

Give a class and build our community.

For every $12.00 dollars given a class is available to someone who can't afford it.

How it Works

Take A Pass Off Our HYPe Board

All donated classes will be in a tracked bank. There is a board in the studio where people can take a class pass and give to the instructor when checking in. This is meant to be discreet and as easy as possible. All Pass the HYPe participants must be registered members of HYP.
We will register you when you turn in your first pass.

This Program Only Works if Others Give

As a crowdfunded program, Pass the HYPe will only work if people give. Once the banked class passes are gone they won't be replaced without further donations. Heights Yoga Project is committed to communicating when classes are running out, but will not replace them with business funds. If you are unsure if we have passes available, call the studio to check before coming in.

All Classes Passes Are Tracked

Your first reaction to this program may question how people won't take advantage of the program. Pass the HYPe is meant to build community, which means giving many people exposure to our classes. Participants are limited to one free drop-in class a week. Part of being community is trusting the members in the community and creating space for people to be honest without shame.

How does this help our community?

Yoga is known to lessen anxiety, allow people to process trauma and become more physically healthier. Through giving all people access to our classes, no questions asked, we honor people who want to grow and be whole, no matter their story. Lack of access to health classes and wellness centers is complex and often much larger than one person's decisions. Because our systems don't work for all people in our community, we want to create a safe way for people to be less isolated and supported without judgement.