Where is Heights Yoga Project located? 

We are located on the West Side of Grand Rapids–very near the intersection of Leonard & Alpine. Our address is 744 Leonard Suite A Grand Rapids, MI 49503

How do I book a class? 

You’ll need to create an account through Wellness Living, our studio management software. Here’s an easy link to create your account: 

What should I wear to yoga? 

Soft and stretchy! Wear clothes you’ll feel comfortable moving in, and always opt for more coverage vs. less. You never know what we’ll be doing in class, so shirts that stay put; pants that won’t ride up, and BARE FEET are usually your best bet. 

What do I need to bring? 

Your yoga mat, if you have one. Need one? No worries–we have clean loaners at the studio that you may use. Also, always bring a water bottle! We have a filling station at the studio, but no drinking fountains or water for sale. 

What if I’m going to be late? 

We get it–life happens. Making it anywhere on time during construction season is a miracle in and of itself. If you know you are going to be late, please plan to enter through the front door, as the back door is often locked before class starts. Roll out your mat quietly, and take Child’s Pose until you’re ready to join the practice. 

Where do I park? 

There are three parking spots behind the studio for use, as well as ample on street parking in front of the studio and on the neighboring streets.

What is your cancellation policy? 

We try very hard to avoid canceling classes. However, in the interest of the safety and comfort of our staff and students, we require a minimum of two students to be registered for classes in order to run them. Due to this, we have implemented a $7 No Show/Late Cancel fee for students who either:

a.) book a class, and do not show for it; or

b.) cancel their registration for a previously booked class with less than 60 minutes prior to the scheduled start of class. 

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