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Express Flow 45

You’ve got places to be…

Designed for the busy yogi, this abbreviated version of our Vinyasa class offers all the same benefits of our hour-long yoga classes…in 45 minutes. Fun flows and THE best playlists leave students feeling energized and refreshed; focused and alert…and nothing beats that post-yoga buzz!

Grow Your Flow

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Working toward a peak pose, you’ll develop the skills you need to “grow your flow”! Through workshop-style classes, you’ll learn how to make adjustments in your body’s alignment to level up (or down) the pose as needed… and maybe even discover that props are your new best friend.

Slow Burn

Sometimes, the journey is as sweet as the destination. 

Give yourself permission to slow down in this sweet, 60-minute class. We explore alignment and build strength as we spend a little more time in each pose, giving students the time and space needed to cultivate their own truly unique experience. 


Growing stronger, one breath at a time. 

Commonly referred to as “Flow Yoga”, Vinyasa classes feature a series of poses sequenced in a way that allows you to move from one to the next, seamlessly. Choreographing the dance of syncing breath to  movement, Vinyasa helps to cultivate an awareness of the two.

Yin & Meditation

If it were easy, everyone would do it.

Yin uses specific yoga postures to target your joint capsules and connective tissues. This class relies on longer-held postures  (3-5 minutes) to give students space to explore each pose  and place “good stress” on the body, hydrating the tissues and improving joint health and performance. 

Soul Flow

“I guess chanting’s a pretty good place to start.”

George Harrison

After a brief Sanskrit chant to set an intention for the evening, students are led through a guided pranayama practice and  a gentle yoga sequence, and a Harmonium Sound Bath at the end of class rounds out this amazing experience.  

first wednesday of every month

Yoga Nidra

Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is relax.

Yoga Nidra, otherwise known as yogic sleep, is a practice that leads us into a deep state meditation… a place where renewal and transformation are more accessible. Classes begin with a short journaling session, and then students are lead through a 45 minute guided Nidra session. 

second wednesday of every month

Wheel Yoga

The voice inside your head that says you can’t is a liar.

 Experience your practice in a whole new way as we bring the revered (and feared) yoga wheel into play. Familiar shapes feel brand new in this fun, all-levels class. Wheels are available for loan at the studio, but students must bring a smile and a sense of adventure. 

third wednesday of every month

Restorative & Sound Meditation

Tap into the power of stillness.

This restful practice is made seemingly effortless through the use of yoga props as supports, as students focus on passive stretching and awareness of the breath. Unique sound meditations offered during class bring bliss to body & mind. 

LAST wednesday of every month

Prenatal Yoga

“There’s a secret in our culture; and it’s not that birth is hard…it’s that women are strong.”


Our Prenatal classes are designed to support the rapid changes in your body, and are adaptable to meet you where you are in your pregnancy. Certified Prenatal Yoga instructors guide you through poses that work to strengthen and lengthen muscles in the pelvic area, helping to prepare your body for childbirth.

You’ll learn breathing techniques that may finally make it feel like there’s room for you and baby in your body; and maybe even pick up a relaxation technique or two to help with labor.

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