I completed Teacher Training at: 

OmBodies Yoga (Grand Rapids Session)

I’m also certified to teach: 

Yoga Nidra

Favorite Pose: 

Wild Thing or Reverse Warrior

I’m in a complicated relationship with: 


I teach yoga…

Yoga has given me so much. It has helped me break down physical, mental, and emotional barriers that I didn’t know existed within me. Even though I didn’t necessarily intend to teach yoga, by the time I had completed my training, I knew that I wanted to share this gift with others.

I hope students leave my class feeling…

My goal is always to leave my students feeling better at the end of practice than when they came in. That could look very different from day to day depending on what you need. No matter the class though, I always hope that my students are able to roll up their mats with with a sense of peace, gratitude for their bodies, and openness to whatever lies instore.

Where to find me in the studio…

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