We get it. 

Preparing for baby is pretty much an all-consuming event, and–though it sometimes seems like it lasts for an ETERNITY –it really does fly by. Why not take a little time to slow down and connect with your pregnancy…your baby…your self? 

Implementing a prenatal yoga practice reaps so many rewards beside the physical–although those are pretty great.  Prenatal yoga classes offer mamas-to-be a place to meet like-minded moms in their community, and an opportunity to talk with others who can relate to your experience. 

Classes are designed to support the rapid changes in your body, and are adaptable to meet you where you are in your pregnancy. Our certified Prenatal Yoga instructors guide you through poses that work to strengthen and lengthen muscles in the pelvic area, helping to prepare your body for childbirth. You’ll learn breathing techniques that may finally make it feel like there’s room for you and baby in your body; and maybe even pick up a relaxation technique or two to help with labor. 


Prenatal Yoga with Heights Yoga Project is $75 for the series, which takes place over six weeks. Classes meet on Mondays at 6:30.

Register today through the link below. 

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